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We provide services for residential, commercial and heritage restoration projects.

Copper Roofing

Copper roofing is a great choice for an impressive and durable roofing material, and requires very little maintenance. Copper’s is an excellent roofing material as it has a natural resistance to corrosion. It’s distinct character and malleability works well with any style. Copper is also ideal for irregular roof structures like domes and turrets.

Since copper is so malleable, it can be shaped to create detailed accents and complex shapes. We design and install copper bay windows, dormers, eavestroughs, canopies, chimney caps, cupolas, finials, cornices, kitchen range hoods and more. Any copper product can be customized and installed to accommodate your design needs.

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Lead-Coated Copper

Lead-coated copper has all the benefits of regular copper, but fades to a matte grey patina. Beautiful details can be shaped and moulded from the malleable lead-coated copper. Lead-coated copper is also stain resistant. This prevents colour bleed onto other building materials such as wood or stone.

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Cedar Roofing

Cedar roofing provides an elegant, rustic style to any home or cottage. As a renewable resource, cedar is an environmentally-friendly roofing material.

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Slate Roofing

Slate is one of the longest lasting roofing materials on the market. Slate roofs, when installed correctly, can last for centuries. With a timeless look, it is an excellent choice for modern, traditional, or heritage home styles. Slate roofing is very low maintenance as it is weather resistant, non-combustible, and does not fade. Though it is an initial investment, slate pays for itself overtime through its durability. With slate, you have many options to customize to your own style with a variety of colours and textures available.

Steel Roofing

Steel roofing is another long lasting option as these roofs stay in great condition for decades. Steel roofing requires very little maintenance, sheds snow easily, is fire resistant, and comes in varieties of styles and colours.

Steel Roof Gazebo
Zinc Roofing

Many architects prefer zinc roofing for modern home projects. Zinc offers a range of finishes and a timeless look. It is another environmentally friendly option as much of the zinc is recycled.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs add character and style to any home or business. They do, however, require proper planning to ensure they are safe and do not cause water damage. At Village Copper Company, we are an industry leader in flat roof installation and repair.

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Roof Repairs

We do much more than just roof installation, we also offer repair services. We can investigate roof leaks and offer repairs of all degrees, on a variety of roofing styles and materials.  

Heritage Restoration

Heritage designated homes and historical buildings require an extra level of care and precision. We are experienced in carefully restoring copper, zinc, or slate roofing to return a building to its original stunning form.

Bay Windows

Copper and pre-painted metal standing seam roofs are a beautiful way to accent your bay window. Copper and other metals allow us to create a variety of bay window roof designs, such as bell or curved. In addition to unique styles, copper boasts a much longer lifespan than typical asphalt shingles.

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We can work with you to design and create virtually any custom design for your commercial or residential project. We have the knowledge and experience to bring even complex projects to life.

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