Copper Roofing is an ideal choice for Canadians to consider in the custom home building process, as well as in home renovation projects. Here in Southern Ontario, the houses we live in are subject to a vast array of punishment from Mother Nature – from freezing temperatures and wind chills down to -30 and lower, summer heat and humidity that Toronto is known for, and the high winds and heavy rains that make many homeowners have growing concerns about the safety, durability and lifespan of their roofs.

Copper roofing has proven to be a reliable and sought-after roofing option for centuries. It has qualities and properties that stand out amongst other options, but not only because of the durability that copper offers, but it affords your home an attractive look that catches anyone’s eye. This is aided by the natural aging process that copper goes through, which gives it a beautiful bluish green hue.

The elements of Southern Ontario weather can’t stop a copper roof from being both a prime and effective roofing material option, but also from the beauty it lends a home. Being one of the most highly recycled elements on earth, copper roofing is sustainable – and can give those with an eye on the environment, comfort in knowing that the high recyclability of copper means that exploitation of existing reserves is slow and that depletion of natural copper reserves is unlikely. Copper roofing has proven it can last decades, if not centuries – once installed by professionals in the copper roofing trade, it will last a lifetime and more. Very few roofing materials can last as long as copper. The story that a copper roof can tell of your home and your life, is immeasurable.

No matter what the weather, copper is an element that resists corrosion and breakdown. Copper naturally protects itself from sun, humidity, wind, rain, snow, and extreme cold. Village Copper Company prides itself on being experts in the copper roofing industry, and installs each roof with skill, knowledge and pride – which helps your roof last through the seasons and whatever the elements throw at it. 

Copper also ranks exceptionally high in assisting a home to be energy efficient. It absorbs much less heat into your home – which is what you want in the blazing July sun here in Southern Ontario! And in the same breath – a copper roof also radiates less heat, and the reflective properties also allow heat to be reflected from the home. Reduced heat radiation is also appreciated in the winter months.

Without a doubt, a copper roof is a desirable and high rated sustainable roofing material option. Our team here at Village Copper Company would be happy to talk roofing with you and answer your questions. With years of experience and knowledge, plus pride in our workmanship, Village Copper Company is confident in what we can complete for your next home project!

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