Are you considering a cedar shingle or shake roof for your home? 

Cedar shakes and shingles are a truly beautiful and iconic option, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any home. Being such a versatile roofing option, the style and type of cedar roofing you choose can give your home a dramatic look and feel of an elegant chalet, the warmth and comfort of a rustic cottage or the jaw dropping appeal of an estate home.

Either way, cedar roofing is one of the most desired types of roof – to the point where some other types of roofing try to imitate cedar to get the same look! Although often mimicked, true cedar roofing cannot be matched.

When deciding on cedar shake roofing, the possibilities of style and type of cedar shake are endless, and will provide home owners the opportunity to create a one of a kind look and feel to their home. 

Cedar is a popular building material due to its longevity, sturdiness, warm natural hues and pleasant aroma. It’s popularity for use as a roofing option has provided home owners the opportunity to let their home look like a part of the landscape. 

Over time, cedar loses its color and fades to a silvery gray – the thing is, you can leave it as-is (which is a fantastic look on almost any home) but it can also be re-stained or painted for an updated look. Cedar roofing is unique, as it naturally repels insects and dries extremely fast in wet seasons, avoiding water damage. 

Whether you want a rustic or a refined look, installing cedar shingles or cedar shakes can make all the difference in your home’s look and resale value. Village Copper Company specializes in providing high-end and experienced cedar shake and cedar shingles to homes across southern Ontario. Let’s talk today about getting you started on this update to your home!

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