The idea of having a copper roof is not a new and trendy concept. For centuries, copper roofing and detailing has been used around the world, for not only aesthetic reasons but for functionality and reliability, as well. Throughout time, people have sought after not only beautiful but durable roofing materials, and copper roofing has proven time and time again that this is the material to use. To withstand the tumultuous change of seasons we experience here in Southern Ontario, copper roofing can withstand the summer heat, the strong winds, and cold winters we have come to know.

Besides the known facts of durability and the unique and eye-catching curb appeal that copper roofing and accents provide a home, what else can a copper roof offer?

Durability. Copper – whether as an accent for dormer or bay windows, as chimney caps, turret and cornice pieces, or as a full roof covering, can withstand the elements and time. You will experience years of needing no attention or repair to your roof.

Added value. Copper roofing sheets and accents will boost your home value should you want to sell in the future. The craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind look your home will have from the addition of a copper roof will set your home apart.

Insurance. Copper is an inflammable material, so often your home insurance will reflect the choice for roofing material with reduced insurance rates. The copper panels are also incredibly lightweight, so no reinforcement of your roof will have to be done prior to installation.

Tolerance of extreme temperatures. Copper is a unique material that has proven time and time again that it can handle the varied climate within the seasons we experience in Southern Ontario. Low temperatures, frigid wind and the heat from the middle of the summer in Toronto won’t affect copper’s strength and durability.

Water-resistance. Metal roofing, such as copper, that has been installed properly by our team of experts here at Village Copper Company, provides exceptional water resistance and peace of mind for homeowners.

You want a roof that will remain timeless and last a lifetime (or more!). Copper roofing, gutters, chimney caps, and other accents can solve your roofing questions and provide you with the iconic and beautiful look your home deserves.

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